Kathy Tangney, my bio:
I belong to the Merrimack River Painters, Manchester Artists Association, Womens' Caucus for Art and Tong Ren Healing Practitioners. The Art groups give me the opportunity to paint, learn, grow and exhibit my paintings all over the country. While the Tong Ren healing group keeps me healthy, optimistic and able to enjoy an active lifestyle.
My watercolors are bold and full of the emotion I was feeling while painting. I paint most days, as my therapy of sorts. One day I may paint a wild ocean scene, the next a tranquil mill building; all the while incorporating elements of Art & design. I generally have 2 or 3 paintings of different sizes going at once. I've become confident in handling the tools of my trade; yet get excited because watercolors provide never ending surprises for me. It's been 30 years now using watercolors and I have to say I've gone from painting tight, small and controlled to loose, large, free and playful. I received my Art Education degree at Notre Dame, Manchester NH. I've taken many Art courses at New Hampshire Art Institute and continue to study with New Castle artist Dustan Knight. I visit Art museums and galleries frequently to enhance my artistic senses.
In 2008, I won Chico's 25th Anniversary Jacket Design Contest. Chico's made 25,000 of the jackets by copying my "Rose Peacock" watercolor painting for the fabric. As a result, the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester NH received $75,000, all of the sales proceeds!
For many years I taught Art in NH public schools, and currently offer workshops and private classes.

My watercolors are exhibited at:
Merrimack River Painters' Pop Up Gallery, Concord NH; Framers Market, Manchester NH; Sullivan Framing, Bedford NH; The Wine Studio, Manchester NH and various businesses in New England.

As a Tong Ren Healer, I participate in Tong Ren group healing sessions in Quincy & Haverhill MA and Manchester, NH and conduct weekly Tong Ren open sessions.
Tom Tam who developed Tong Ren is truly changing worldwide healing! Tong Ren combines Eastern healing beautifully with Western diagnostic tools. I have been cured of multiple diseases, illnesses by "tappers" trained by Tom Tam. For more info see my Tong Ren page.
I was certified as a Tong Ren Healer by Tom Tam in Quincy MA in 2007 and again in 2013. We may be crazy, but not stupid! See www.tongrenstation.com

On Jan. 31, 2012 I was lucky enough to be a guest on Andrea Klim, Astrologist's, "Turn to the Stars" cable TV show. You can see my fun interview with Andrea at http://www.turntothestars.com/live-the-life.htm#interview

My motto is to love my work,
and work hard for what I love!
Thanks for looking!

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